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7 Sheepskin Benefits | Sheepers

Wool is a luxurious material that’s well known for being super soft and cosy, but why is it so highly sought after? From sheepskin rugs to oh-so comfortable sheepskin slippers, there are various ways in which we can introduce this gloriously comfortable material in our everyday lives, and best of all, it offers loads of unexpected benefits too.


Read on to discover 7 things you might not know about sheepskin…


  1. Sheepskin naturally regulates our body temperature


Many of us might think that wool is a great material to keep us warm, which is true, but did you know it can also help keep you cool too? Sheepskin naturally regulates your body temperature, making it great for all year round use. Sheepskin slippers are a brilliant way to access this benefit – keeping feet warm and cosy in the winter, and cool in the summer.



2. Sheepskin doesn’t cause friction against the skin


A new pair of slippers might mean rubbing and blisters, but this isn’t the case when they are lined with sheepskin. Wool has a natural protein layer that is super smooth. This means that the sheepskin fibres can move against one another, making movement comfortable and friction free.


3. It’s hypoallergenic


Lanolin occurs naturally in sheepskin, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Natural sheepskin is also free from chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, making it hypoallergenic.




4. Sheepskin is naturally moisture wicking


Ideal in the case of sheepskin slippers or clothing, your skin will stay dry and comfortable, due to the natural moisture wicking properties of sheepskin.



5. It can relieve aches and pains


One of the most unique benefits of sheepskin is that it can soothe aches and pains. In the example of aching feet, the three dimensional spiralling of the sheepskin acts like a natural spring, forming to the shape of your foot and cushioning it, for just the right amount of support and gentle pressure.



6. It minimises bacteria


Sheepskin is naturally resistant to mould and dust mites, ensuring that it stays in tip top condition and can be enjoyed for years to come. In the case of sheepskin slippers, your slippers will be much more hygienic than other options that don’t use sheepskin.



7. It’s unbeatably cosy


For anyone that’s not tried a pair of sheepskin slippers, or a super soft sheepskin rug in their home, there’s nothing comparable when it comes to comfort. Our feet are particularly sensitive and susceptible to the cold, making a sheepskin rug in your bedroom or a pair of warm sheepskin slippers the ultimate everyday luxury at home.


It’s clear to see why sheepskin is such a popular material, particularly when it comes to creating a comfortable home and mindful lifestyle. From super cosy sheepskin slippers, to sheepskin rugs, outerwear and gifts, at Sheepers we’re a big fan of sheepskin, and we just know that once you’ve experienced it, you’ll fall in love with this amazing material too.


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