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A few things to know about Father’s Day

Father’s Day – the one day in the year when we celebrate all of those male role models in our lives and remember those too that aren’t with us anymore.

It can be a difficult day for those remembering, but for those celebrating, it’s a day for giving or sending cards, making breakfast in bed, buying a new piece of clothing (what about a pair of our Sheepers slippers in black with rainbow stitching, especially for the man in your family? You could buy them on their own (https://www.sheepers.co.uk/product/mens-rainbow-sheepers/) or in a matching set with a child’s pair (https://www.sheepers.co.uk/product/rainbow-male-parent-and-child-matching-sheepers/#)? We had to add them to the list of possibilities!), chocolate, or alcohol perhaps, going out for a meal (those were the days!) or preparing his favourite. And if you’re a tiny tot, it usually involves some glue and colouring pens!

And this year’s is just around the corner, well in just under four weeks, on 21 June (in the UK)… And although the postal and delivery services around the world are doing a sterling job, things are taking longer so it might be worth planning for it sooner rather than later!

While here at Sheepers HQ we were thinking about what we could offer to make that present a little bit different perhaps this year (who doesn’t love a pair of our slippers?), we thought we’d do a little bit of digging about the history of the day because don’t you find sometimes we do things because that’s been the tradition, but we’re not always sure why?

So here are some fast facts about Father’s Day…

  1. Father’s Day (in the UK and for many other countries around the world) is always on the third Sunday in June.
  2. The origins of the day came from the US when a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd from Arkansas began campaigning in 1909 for a day for fathers after listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. Her mother had died in childbirth when she was 16 and her father, a farmer and Civil War veteran, raised her and her five brothers as a single parent. She wanted to recognise him.
  3. The very first event recognising fatherhood came a year earlier in 1908, when Grace Golden Clayton, from Fairmont, West Virginia, wanted to honour the 1000 children who’d lost their fathers in the Monongah Mining Disaster, which happened the year before. The explosion killed 361 men – 250 of these were fathers.
  4. It is thought that Father’s Day didn’t really become a tradition in the UK until after the Second World War, when advertisers used the day to promote the troops out on the field.
  5. Around three-quarters of men are set to celebrate Father’s Day this year, according to muchneeded.com 
  6. Our spending for Father’s Day is only half of the amount we spend for Mother’s Day.
  7. Clothing, gift cards and computer-related accessories and electronics make up the top three present ideas.
  8. Female shoppers will spend 50% more on gifts for their dad than their male counterparts.

So how many did you know already? Whichever way you’re planning to celebrate or remember in this odd times, let’s strive to make it a day to remember.

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