Animal print – it’s here to stay

Fashions come and go… What hits the catwalk one season can be quickly forgotten the next. But there are some trends that simply stick around… They might morph from their original incarnation, but there’s a similarity, a recognisable thread from the original that brings a sense of familiarity… And animal print is it… From leopard and snake to tiger and cow, our love of all things animal can be found in many wardrobes and just when you question whether you really should be purchasing the latest print offering as surely it won’t be making its mark for too much longer, more and more hit the market… A well-known global fashion brand sent out e-comms to customers only last week extolling the merits of the faithful animal print and how it remains both ‘a staple and a statement’ for the SS20 season…

But where did our obsession come from and how long has it been around? The use of animal print can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt, when women would stencil the leopard rosettes onto linen because real fur was so rare. Even Napoleon’s troops trimmed their helmets and saddle covers with the fur… Synonymous with strength and power, leopard print particularly has been a recurring theme over the decades subsequently… But it really came to the fore in the 1920s and 1930s, when Hollywood glamour embraced the fur… It wasn’t until Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer collection in 1947 that we saw the print, as opposed to the pelts, come to the fore in the form of a silk-chiffon evening gown and day dress. When designers started embracing the print in the 1950s and exploring the look on other pieces, shoes and accessories, it seems the fashion industry didn’t look back and everyone from the likes of Kate Moss and Beyoncé to the Kardashian-Jenner clan and Michelle Obama have worn it. It really does look as though it’s here to stay…

This is great news for us here at Sheepers HQ as we’ve been working on our own animal print designs – slippers and mules in both the traditional leopard and a panther look. We’re not shipping until later in the month (24th to be precise), but you can pre-order now. Really hope you like them as much as we do!

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