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Back to school for children – How to best prepare your child?

It’s back to school for the little ones and parents are already in a frenzy. Did you know it takes the average UK mum or dad around 2 hours each day to get their child ready for school? That’s a lot of time spent deciding what to put on the little munchkin, getting them into it, bathing, and dressing up, etc. which can be spent instead on making a proper breakfast for your child and, perhaps, even a little hugging and smothering session right before waving goodbye!

In this insightful piece, we’ll discuss some of the things you can do to ensure that minimal time is spent fussing and contemplating, and maximum time on getting your child ready to return to school from day one.

What children should ideally wear to school

From children’s ear muffs and hats to homewear like slippers and pyjamas, there’s a lot you can do to ensure that you don’t run into a frenzy in the morning when it’s time to send you child back to school.

Whether your child is just starting nursery or confidently heading into primary school, as a parent, you should know what some of the best homewear and children’s wear is nowadays, as that alone can save you a lot of trouble in the mornings when it’s time to pack the little one’s bags and send him/her off to school.

You may have already sorted your child’s school uniform, but keep reading as we go through this easy-peasy guide to help you and your little one get organised for returning to school, amid all the often uncontrollable fun and excitement.

As kids grow up, you have to prioritise comfort and style. The children’s wear that we have at Sheepers, for instance, is perfect for ages 2 to 6 and beyond. So, the options we have on offer are great for nursery going kids as well as primary school ones.

We offer just about everything a growing child needs, both in school and at home, including crafting kits, outerwear and nightwear and cool accessories that are sure to be a hit inside your household and out on the street or at school.

Our outdoors and indoors wear is very kid-friendly as we use soft and durable fabrics only that don’t cause discomfort or allergies on delicate skin.

Now, let’s shift our attention to some of the non-clothing essentials when we talk about ‘back to school’ for children:

PE Kit

From trainers, socks, and shorts to a water bottle and PE bag containing your kid’s favourite drawings, a well-prepared PE kit can really help your child ease back into the school spirit.


School shoes should never have to be a chore! Velcro straps, slip-on school shoes, and even sheepskin slippers tend to be a popular choices among kids.

Supplies and stationary

Try not to overwhelm your child – pack only what they need, from notebooks and a pencil case to a highlighter, eraser and ruler – bare minimum is best.

Getting your child ready for school again can be a cumbersome task. It doesn’t have to be though with the above school wear ideas. Let’s get moving!


Little ones tend to not get too excited about practicing their spellings or times tables, for that matter. It can be a tricky task to say the least, but with the right notebook and planner aesthetics, you can really spark your child’s curiosity to get them into that ‘learning’ mode.

Pencil case

While we briefly touched upon stationary, let’s delve a bit deeper into what kind of pencil case to get in order to get your child ready for the ‘back to school’ routine.

You’ll find many pencil case options – from multi-compartment ones for exam season to basic, minimalist ones, to those made specifically for boys and girls. Keep your child’s specific interests in mind: if your kid is a fan of Transformers or SpongeBob, then get them a themed one or, at the very least, one with a specialised theme if not moving parts. You’d be amazed how quickly children get back into the school spirit just by taking a “cool” pencil case with them!

All things pencils

From basic pencils and colouring pencils to pencil sharpeners, differing kinds of pencils are a school basic and you’d want to sure that your child has enough of them, but without overwhelming them.

From arts and crafts classes to draft versions of their school work, a great stack of pencils along with a pencil sharpener can keep any kid’s brain nice and sharp. Pun intended for sure!


The lunchbox is definitely a crucial part of a child’s day at school. When it’s lunchtime, your kid should be able to access his/her favourite food or snacks in a safe, hygienic, and quickly accessible way.

A great-quality lunchbox with just the right level of compartments allows your child to safety transport the lovingly prepared foods and snacks from the kitchen to canteen.

School uniform

When it comes to school wear, you want to give your child plenty of options to choose from:

Polo shirts – These are a staple, of course, no matter what kind of weather you have. You can adorn your child in a cute little polo shirt with a school trouser, school skirt or pinafore dress – all of which are a good alternative for the more formal long-sleeve button-downs.

Trousers – Grey or black school trousers will work just fine and for the girls you might consider black leggings with a long skirt over it, although many are happy to go to school in a trouser too.

Jumpers – These are great for keeping your little one warm and cosy in the winter months. You want to pick one with a name label preferably, especially if it’s your child’s first day at school.

slipkit x kids sheepers

Crafting kits – While these may not be a ‘back to school’ essential, they will keep your child occupied in breaks or down time, and even help them make some new friends.

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