Elizabeth Eve

I have had a passion for fashion and the arts since I was young and growing up around London I always loved visiting galleries, people watching and creating and sketching ideas. From studying art and then fashion marketing at university I went onto a career in buying for high street brands creating gorgeous nightwear and […]


How to clean sheepers sheepskin rugs?

There should not be any need to wash your sheepskin rug, we usually find the natural lanolin and wool fibers tend to have a barrier that protects them from dirt. We appreciate accidents do happen, so if you need to wash your sheepskin we would suggest any small spillage should be immediately spot cleaned with […]


Charman Models

Hello, We’re Lauren and Victoria Charman, twin models from the UK, Cornwall. We’re 16 years old and have a joint Instagram account called @charmanmodels. Its been a privilege to model for Sheepers!   I’m Lauren, I’m 6’1, and modelling has helped me in countless ways that I’m so grateful for, which is why there’s nothing […]


Setting up a lifestyle store

What made you start up your lifestyle store? To be honest, it was mostly a now or never moment. I saw that the premises was up to let and arranged a viewing and it was a perfect size to start in. It has an upstairs where I now have my ceramics studio set up – […]

Small fish in a big pond

Have you ever done a little dance when someone bought from you? The grin on your face would not vanish for at least a day or two. Have you ever wondered why they chose you? Was it just pure luck being at the right place at the right time offering your beautiful product or service? […]

Self confidence

Hello, I’m Holly, a 18 year old published Curvy Model based in Cornwall, in the UK. Modelling for five years and growing up in my teenage years I have struggled with body confidence. As a younger girl I was the first girl in my school, to develop bigger hips, grow bigger boobs etc. I got […]

Emma’s love of photography

I have been in love with photography as a medium for as long as I can remember, quite simply because it’s an incredible and accessible way of documenting moments in time. Originally a fashion designer, I used the camera to archive ideas, inspiration and my own work. As a mum of two I recorded daily […]


Having two children: How much harder can it be?

Just over two weeks ago, I gave birth to my second child. The birth itself was no easy feat, considering that my little munchkin weighed a whopping nine pounds and 6 ounces. Once he had been brought safely into the world, however, I felt victorious, convinced that the hardest part of my transition from a […]

Recapturing the magic of Christmas

Remember how exciting Christmas used to be? Laying out the mince pie for Santa on Christmas Eve and hoping that he just happens to like the same brand of whisky as your dad (somehow, he always did!). Afterwards, you’d go upstairs to bed and scrunch your eyes shut as tightly as you could muster, willing […]

The beauty of writing

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the power of the written word and all the things it can do. As soon as I discovered creative writing, I immediately fell in love with the process, admiring the way that a few cleverly-put-together sentences could transport the reader into an entirely new world. […]

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