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Sheepers Care

Care Information

Sheepskin is a natural material and has self-cleaning properties.

But do not worry! We have created some extra handy tips to keep them in top condition.

Caring for your Sheepers products

  • At first your sheepers may feel uncomfortable and snug, your toes should not curl but touch the ends, they will stretch with wear and soften

  • Brush and air regularly

  • Remove light spills with a damp cloth and avoid washing regularly

  • Follow the care instructions located on the label of your product when washing and drying

  • Cool spot wash

  • Use a specialist wool shampoo containing lanolin to help maintain the fleece, however not a necessity

  • Protective spray can be used however we do recommend checking with the brand you choose

  • Do not tumble dry, Do not machine wash, Do not spin, and Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Warning: This can take up to 20 seconds but will provide lifetime comfort

Latex free | Keep out of reach of children

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A little comfort tip...

Our Sheepers slippers are made of natural Sheepskin.

Due to the nature of this material, with wear the sheepskin will mould to the shape of your foot and stretch.

We can provide the bands…

Your slipper may roll up or may be glued down either way the same process can be used.
Included in this packet is an elasticated band to keep your Sheepers nice and tight, to
maintain comfort around the ankles and so your heel is securely snug inside the slipper.

Step 1

Roll up the cuff of
your Sheepers slipper.

Step 2

Place the elastic band around the cuff securely then roll down.

If your slipper

Does not roll up and is glued down no problem, tie the band around the cuff of the slipper for a secure fit!

Buy the Sheepers Care Pack

for only £2.99


If you have any questions or if you are unsure about cleaning your Sheepers product,
please do not hesitate to contact us at

General questions

In each pack you will receive:

-A Comfort Band leaflet which will aid in applying your bands.

-2x Latex Free Comfort Bands

-Thread to repair Sheepers Slippers (in colour chosen)

As they are handmade, sometimes by usual wear and tear the slippers can slightly become loose, remove themselves from the sole or just need some extra loving and care. This is normal, please remember these are handmade slippers, with handmade soles which are connected by thread to the uppers. They are easily mended and makes it that extra bit special when you can see they are made by hand!

Give us an email ( and we will send you a guided video on how to thread your slippers! It is easier than you think!

We offer different coloured thread as our styles can vary in thread colour. Our Elsa Sheepers for example can be made with copper or white thread, and our Persia Sheepers are made with black thread. Make sure to select the same colour thread on the pair you own so that they match! Or if you fancy a colour change, you can always re-thread them to be a totally different colour! 

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