Caring during Covid-19 isolation

Humanity might have been struck down by the worst virus it’s seen since the swine flu of 2009 (I had to google that because it just didn’t seem to have anywhere near the impact Covid-19 has had already), but that spirit, grit, determination and sense of community is really shining through.


I know there are a few bad apples trying to profit from the situation, deceive others and manipulate the systems, but they seem to be few and far between.


On the whole, there’s a real sense of pulling together, caring and supporting others. People are talking to neighbours they’ve rarely spoken to, going shopping and collecting medicines. There are teens making PPE equipment using their 3D printers, sewing bags for NHS staff to put their uniforms in at the end of their shifts. Meals and snacks are being donated to hospitals; people are out in the streets and on their balconies clapping for the carers; and whole streets are congregating (two metres apart) outside the homes of children with birthdays under lockdown. While the situation is heartbreaking, these stories are heartwarming.


How are you all coping? I really hope you’re staying well. What have you been doing to keep yourselves going? Learnt a new hobby? Joined Joe Wicks in a workout or two? Treated yourselves to some new isolation pyjamas or loungewear (as our normal attire has long been ditched and now resides at the back of the wardrobe)? You haven’t? Well I’m going to blatantly flag Sheepers’ new sets. I know we are all about the slippers and we really are, but we sell other items too and our silk pyjamas are exactly what you need right now (and you can buy them as a box-set with matching slippers too, but you don’t have to) – a touch of the luxurious. They are white square-hemmed pyjama shirts with matching elasticated bottoms both with piping and elegant embroidery, which come in three colours – turquoise , pink and rose gold. Our brand-new Summer range of pyjamas is due out in May/June – so I’ll blog again soon to let you know. I don’t know about you but we definitely need the small things to look forward to. We might even be out of lockdown by then!


Stay safe and well.


Nicola x

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