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DIY Footwear: Create Comfy Slippers the Easy Way with SlipKit

For many people who enjoy DIY projects, making their own footwear like slippers can seem too complicated. They often face problems like finding the right materials or following complex instructions, which can make the whole process frustrating. That’s where our SlipKit comes in. 


It’s designed to make everything much simpler. With the SlipKit, you get everything you need in one box, along with easy-to-follow steps. This means you can easily make your own comfy slippers without the usual hassle or confusion, turning a potentially tricky project into a fun and straightforward activity. 


So let us show you how our SlipKit is making DIY footwear a breeze for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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What is SlipKit?

The SlipKit is a meticulously assembled DIY kit that empowers you to create your very own pair of slippers. Designed with both beginners and craft veterans in mind, it contains all the essentials for a fun, creative project that results in a wearable masterpiece. 


At a price of £40, it’s an affordable way to explore the joys of handmade footwear or to give a unique crafting experience to a loved one.

Why Choose the SlipKit for Your DIY Footwear Project?

Choosing our SlipKit for your DIY footwear project offers a unique blend of convenience, creativity, and personalization. It stands out as an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned crafters due to its comprehensive package that includes all necessary materials and clear instructions for creating cosy, stylish slippers. The kit’s time efficiency makes it a perfect project for a quick crafting session, requiring only 2-3 hours to complete. 


Furthermore, our SlipKit allows for a high degree of customization, with various sizes and colours to choose from, ensuring that your handmade slippers reflect your personal style. It’s not only an affordable way to delve into the world of DIY footwear but also a fun and satisfying way to craft a pair of slippers that are truly your own. 


Additionally, the availability of our SlipKit Kids version encourages family participation, making it a versatile choice for engaging children in creative activities

SlipKit Contents

The SlipKit is thoughtfully designed to include all the essentials required for crafting your own pair of slippers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable DIY experience. Here are the contents of our SlipKit:

  • Aluminium Needle: A durable and easy-to-use needle specifically designed to thread through the pre-cut holes in the slipper materials, making the stitching process smooth and straightforward.
  • Two 100% Leather Soles: These soles are lined with wool, providing a soft, comfortable base for your slippers. The quality leather ensures durability, while the wool lining offers warmth and comfort.
  • Leather Uppers x2 With Pre-cut Holes: The kit includes two leather uppers, each featuring pre-cut holes that guide the stitching process. This design simplifies the assembly of the slippers and allows for the addition of decorative elements.
  • Embroidery Materials: Included are materials needed for embroidery, allowing you to add a personalised touch to your slippers. This could be used to create the Sheepers SEN logo or any other design of your choosing.
  • Leather Trim: A piece of leather trim is provided to finish the edges of your slippers, giving them a polished look and enhancing their durability.
  • Thread: The kit includes thread to stitch your slippers together, ensuring a strong and lasting assembly of the various components.


With these components, the SlipKit offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to dive into the world of DIY footwear, providing all the necessary materials to create a unique and comfortable pair of slippers. 


Whether you’re a crafting novice or an experienced DIY enthusiast, our SlipKit equips you with everything you need to embark on a creative footwear project.

slipkit x kids sheepers

Introducing Our New Slipkit Kids

Understanding the importance of engaging activities for children, we at Sheepers have expanded our DIY range with the Slipkit Kids. This version is tailored to spark creativity in young minds, offering a fun and engaging way to design their own pair of slippers.


Our SlipKit Kids comes packed with everything necessary for children to create their own unique pair of slippers, along with a host of additional activities to keep them entertained and inspired. The kit is tailored to encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and a sense of accomplishment as children bring their personal touch to their footwear. Here’s what the SlipKit Kids includes:


  • X2 Sticker Sheets: These sheets are supplied to fill a pair of SlipKit Kids slippers with vibrant, fun designs. Children can choose from a variety of themes such as Dinosaurs, Galaxies, Fairies, Vehicles, and Animals, allowing them to customise their slippers in a way that reflects their interests and creativity.
  • One Plain Pair of Children’s White Boot Sheepskin Sheepers Slippers: A blank canvas for the young crafter, these high-quality sheepskin slippers are comfortable, cosy, and ready to be transformed with the included sticker vinyls and personal designs.
  • Activity Packaging Box: The fun doesn’t stop with the slippers. The SlipKit Kids box itself is filled with activities such as word searches, mazes, dot to dots, and more, designed to engage children’s minds and encourage creative thinking.
  • Illustrated Tissue Paper: Even the packaging material is part of the fun! Children can colour in the illustrated tissue paper, adding an extra layer of creativity to the unboxing experience.
  • Instruction Manual: Clear, easy-to-follow instructions guide children through the slipper customization process, ensuring an enjoyable and frustration-free crafting experience.


Designed for children aged from Toddler size 7 up to a UK child size 3, SlipKit Kids is an excellent way for kids to engage in a hands-on project that results in something they can use and be proud of. It’s not just about making slippers; it’s about sparking imagination, creativity, and providing a rewarding experience that combines crafting with play. More sticker sheets can be purchased separately, offering endless possibilities for customization and fun. Our SlipKit Kids is an invitation to a crafting adventure that promises to keep children occupied, creative, and happy for hours.

The Ultimate DIY Footwear Experience

Choosing our SlipKit for your next DIY project means choosing a journey of creativity, relaxation, and personal expression. It’s more than just making slippers; it’s about the pride of wearing something crafted by your own hands. 


Whether for yourself, your children, or as a thoughtful gift, our SlipKit provides everything needed for a fulfilling DIY experience. As we continue to seek meaningful and sustainable ways to express ourselves, our SlipKit stands out as a beacon of creativity and comfort in the crafting community.

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