How to clean sheepers sheepskin rugs?

Posted on February 1, 2018 by Sheepers

There should not be any need to wash your sheepskin rug, we usually find the natural lanolin and wool fibers tend to have a barrier that protects them from dirt.

We appreciate accidents do happen, so if you need to wash your sheepskin we would suggest any small spillage should be immediately spot cleaned with a clean damp cloth and light wool detergent. Sometimes if it is dirt you may possibly be better letting the offending item dry out completely and simply brushing the dirt out.

We do not recommend fully washing a sheepskin, but if you feel the need and have some experience then the following information has been recommended by our suppliers. Wash on a wool wash cycle on a very low temperature in a washing machine or by hand preferably no hotter than 30 degrees, use a teaspoon of non-biological washing powder, preferably a specialist wool shampoo.  If you have a large skin you will need to wash in a bath tub by hand using luke warm water. Try adding a teaspoon of glycerine to the water as this usually helps to keep the back of the Sheepskin rug supple.

Do not use biological washing powders, soap based powders, soap flakes or conditioners or any detergent containing enzymes.

DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry on a radiator, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT wash in hot water.

Always dry naturally, away from any direct heat, including direct sunlight, preferably in a shaded room with no heating or outside on a cloudy day.

Unfortunately the drying process can take some time, so it is always best to wash your rug in the summer months, but not in direct sunlight.  It is advisable to brush the wool of the rug whilst wet with a wide toothed wire brush or pet brush.  This will allow the air to circulate through the fibres of the wool and help to stretch out the fibres to stop them from going too curly. Once your Sheepskin Rug has completely dried out give it a good shake and another good brush through, then you are ready to place in your desired location.


We do not recommend washing sheepskin rugs, if you for any reason you decide to wash your sheepskin rug we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the washing process. As with all wool products, shrinkgage can occurr, and the wool fibres may change there appearance, the skin on the back of the hide can also go hard.