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If you’re an avid follower of ours, you may have noticed us constantly raving on our Instagram and Tiktok socials about our latest product launch,  featuring our brand new “outdoor” soles. In fact, we even snuck in behind the scenes at our factory in Poland to show you how they are made!  Now, this is not just any old sole; our newest range features a robust outdoor sole made of recycled rubber, meaning you no longer have to frustratingly kick your slippers off every time you take the bins out! So, whether you are strictly an indoor slipper wearing lover, or love to pop out to the garden every so often in your comfy slippers, this versatile new range is for you.

We set out with a clear vision, determined to create the ultimate pair of sheepskin slippers that are not only strong but can truly with-stand anything (to a limit!) but yet are also truly luxurious, whilst keeping on brand with the classic Polish moccasin feel and look. Who says you have to compensate having a beautifully coloured cosy pair of Sheepskin slippers purely for the advantage of being able to wear them outside, right?!

Not only did we want to design something extremely versatile, we finally decided we had had enough of the overwhelming amount of Polish Sheepskin Moccasins readily available on the market. When we first launched back in 2015 there was no one like us, we were different and offered a product which was completely unique which meant we could design new colours and ranges, which our customers were obsessed with as they had never seen slippers like ours before!  Unfortunately, the number of our competitors has grown and grown, and it is almost impossible to bring anything unique to the table, but we as a team but our heads together and decided we needed to show we were the original Sheepers. That Sheepers is yet still, an incredibly unique brand that completely revolutionised the classic babcia (meaning grandmother in Polish) slipper for all, that these were not just slippers for the older generations. In fact 92% of our incredible clientele are under the age of 55; but enough of the boring facts, let us tell you about our BRAND NEW exclusive range!

Being as sustainable as we can be is a central element within our brands core, so it is no surprise that our new versatile outdoor sole range is made from completely recycled rubber! Each pair is made in Poland using recycled elements sourced from Ukraine, however, unfortunately due to the current circumstances Ukraine are facing, the war has had a significant manufacturing impact on our ability to make our brand-new soles. Nonetheless, our manufacturers have done everything they possibly can to source elements from other countries in order to keep our soles as sustainable as they can be.

First hand drawn dafts by Jess

We first launched the Zodiac Collection back in November 2021 which were a huge hit, each slipper features a  beautiful gold embroidered zodiac sign which has been hand illustrated by Jess Moorhouse. Jess created these beautiful illustrations, executing our brief to the highest detail, making sure they remained on brand but still maintaining her own artistic style. She sent us over her rough drafts in case we wanted to change anything, but Jess’ designs were spot on. We began testing the digital file with our gorale in Poland to make sure every single detail, down to the smallest embroidered stars, was perfect. We have seen many of our competitors attempt to embroider a variety of designs onto this style of slipper, and having seen so many go wrong, ours needed to be perfect.

Unfortunately, the stars did not turn out how we had hoped, so we had to go back to the drawing board and ensure that the focus of the embroidery was on the zodiac element, whilst keeping the design relatively simple. Alas! Our Zodiac Collection looked elegant whilst minimal and emphasised the slipper and sole entirely without losing the element of magic we wanted in the embroidered stars. Whilst this was a work in progress, we collaborated with Demian Allen, a well-known astrologer who wrote our stunning mantra cards, which feature a detailed horoscope reading tailored to each specific star sign. We thought that the extra touch a personal mantra card would bring was perfect and wanted to ensure that in the event of gifting our Zodiac Collection, every single detail within our gift wrap was perfect.

Once we felt a demand for these incredible outdoor soled Sheepers, we decided that three colours were simply not enough!  We felt that our collection was in dire need of some prints especially given how well our animal collection went down in 2020/21 with our Leopard Sheepers being one of our top bestsellers to this day, we realised it was time for an animal print design to join our Outdoor Sole Collection. Let us introduce our brand-new Zebra Sheepers, and re-introduce our new Simba Sheepers! If you have been with us since the pandemic you will remember our bestselling Simba and Cheetah Sheepers, which unfortunately we did not manage to get right the first time. We have received hundreds of messages over the past two years asking if and when they will return, however we knew we could not release them without perfecting every pair. Now featuring a versatile indoor and outdoor sole, they have finally made their comeback and are available to be purchased here.

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