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Introduce Sheepskin into your Lifestyle This Winter | Sheepers

Sheepskin is a fantastic all year round material, due to the fact that it is temperature regulating. Best known for being used in the winter, sheepskin can help you stay warm during the cooler months and it’s also a great way to add a cosy and stylish finish to your home. Versatile, practical and beautiful, here are five ways to introduce sheepskin into your lifestyle this winter…


  1. Invest in Sheepskin Slippers

During the winter, many of us find that if our feet are cold that we feel generally cold. While any slippers will help warm up cold toes, sheepskin lined slippers are particularly effective at creating warm feet due to sheepskin’s ability to regulate our body temperature and retain heat.


Our sheepskin slippers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, with designs for women, men and children too. Made sustainably and using 100% natural sheepskin that’s responsibly sourced, many of our sheepskin slippers feature sheepskin lining plus a super cosy sheepskin cuff.


  1. Layer Beds and Sofas with Sheepskin Blankets and Cushions


Create a super cosy finish in your home for autumn and winter by adding sheepskin blankets and cushions to your bed and sofa. Natural sheepskin has a Scandi look and feel, but because it’s simple in style, sheepskin works brilliantly in all kinds of interior styles. Try styling sheepskin cushions on your bed alone to add texture or style with other patterned cushions to add interest. Our sheepskin blankets are also perfect for draping over the arm of your sofa, or styling at the end of your bed to grab on those really cold nights.


  1. Wrap up With a Sheepskin Coat

There’s no better way to stay warm when you step outside than a sheepskin coat. Luxurious, classic in style and so cosy, our collection of sheepskin coats are ideal for the autumn and winter weather. Because sheepskin is naturally temperature regulating, many of our styles can be worn in spring too, making a sheepskin coat incredibly versatile. From aviator jackets, sheepskin gilets, long coats and jackets, our collection comes in a variety of natural and neutral shades, including black, white, tan and grey.



  1. Elevate your Car with a Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

Hate getting into your car in the morning and finding your steering wheel is so cold it’s almost unbearable to touch? A sheepskin steering wheel cover is the perfect way to make your morning commute or school run more comfortable, and will add a playful yet stylish touch to your car. Made from 100% natural super soft and fluffy sheepskin, gone are the mornings of frozen hands behind the wheel.


  1. Add Extra Warmth with a Sheepskin Rug

Ideal for layering over wood floors to create a cosy feel and extra heat insulation, sheepskin rugs are versatile and beautiful. Our collection includes a variety of styles, colours and sizes, perfect for softening any space. Sheepskin rugs work particularly well in living rooms and bedrooms – try placing one of our larger rugs under your coffee table or at the foot of your bed to add focus, or try a small sheepskin rug thrown on the bottom or your bed or over your favourite armchair.


Sheepskin is a wonderfully versatile natural material that’s just perfect for the winter. As you can see, there are many ways in which you can incorporate sheepskin into your lifestyle this winter.


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