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Knitting and Stitching Show 2024

Slipkits making an appearance at Ally Pally, London

If you fancy yourself wearing Moccasins to just about any place you go – come one, we all do – then we’ve got news for you: our “sell out” Moccasin slipper slipkits will be featured at an exhibition this year at Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) in London.

Brace yourself, people – it’s going to be an evening filled with fun, excitement, discovery, and fantastic footwear that you get to take home with you!

About Ally Pally

When we thought about inviting our beloved customers to an event where they can not only explore the latest designs and colours for our Moccasin line, but also get to participate in a workshop where they make half a pair of slippers using the kit of their choice – Alexandra Palace immediately sprung to mind.

The theatre has been in existence since before the early 1900s, having served as a backdrop for some legendary performances and events since then.

The family-friendly venue is surrounded by 196 acres of incredibly lavish parkland, where you get breathtaking views of London’s skyline. The Victorian-era palace offers many multi-purpose rooms and halls for a wide range of events, concerts, dinners, banquets, and exhibitions – and so, we thought: “Why not?”

So, here we are, preparing for the upcoming exhibition at Ally Pally where we really look forward to seeing you, our esteemed and loyal customers.

About our Moccasin Slipkits

Sheepers has always been a name easily identifiable with quality sheepskin slippers. But we’re not your “average” sheepskin slipper maker. Our Slipkit collection lets you choose your own kit featuring a wide variety of colours and designs, where you can craft slippers that speak to your own personal sense of style.

Recreate the classic Sheepers style or come up with your own collection for a finish that truly defines your personal tastes. Our sheepskin slippers craft kits are going to be featured at Ally Pally this year, including participation in a fun workshop which offers a firsthand chance to discover what goes into the process and how to craft something unique to your own footwear style.

Our super-popular Moccasins will be on full display at the exhibition, offering participants their very own Slipkit – an excellent choice for beginners, we might add – who are interested in exploring their skills at making a unique pair of handmade slippers.

Grab tickets now!

Our Slipkits are going to be under the spotlight throughout the show, so this is a great opportunity to learn what goes into making these fine Moccasin slippers and how you can craft them according to your unique style preferences.

The workshop will be held for 1.5 hours to which you simply need to book a ticket to gain entry and reserve your seat. To kick things off, we will make half a pair of slippers together, including a kit of your choice. Workshops sold exclusively with Knitting and Stitching Show on the 10th and 12th of October retailing at £28 plus £10 for your kit.

Mark your calendar: the Knitting and Stitching Show by Sheepers will be held on the 10th and 13th of October, 2024, Stand TGD24, Ally Pally London.

See you there, folks!


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