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Living with uncertainty in a COVID-19 world

Uncertainty… It’s a word that’s being played out a lot at the moment. Life is uncertain for most of us… Some say that the only real certainty is that we will all die at some point (happy times), and that is true. But right now, living in the shadow of COVID-19, things we always thought were pretty certain – we’d be getting up and going to work, heading to the gym, catching up with friends, pub lunches and play dates – are all uncertain, or at least different.

We’ve seen images of people in some countries having a beer in the sunshine with friends as pubs and restaurants reopen, and yet for some of us, those sorts of activities could be quite a long time away if some reports are true (but not so long away if you read others!). Beer gardens could be open by 1 July with customers ordering their drinks via an app or over the phone, some experts are saying, yet pub landlords will need to ensure some form of social distancing. Pubs themselves, gyms and cinemas won’t be opening until October perhaps… How and when life will return to some form of normality is uncertain…

And this uncertainty is making any type of forward-planning for these types of activities an impossibility. Large groups of people shouldn’t be congregating in any one place for the foreseeable future.

So just think of those poor event managers, conference producers, exhibition arrangers too – their livelihoods and reputations are built upon events going ahead, attracting large numbers of attendees and being successful. And you will know if you attend any of these sorts of things on a personal or professional capacity that events are being cancelled or postponed left, right and centre.  It’s that gamble – which dates are far enough in the future to be a possibility even a probability?


Well at the moment, and until we hear otherwise, one event that hasn’t been cancelled is in London’s Olympia between the 2nd and the 8th of November and here at Sheepers HQ, we’re very much ‘business as usual’ in trying to plan and prepare for it… What is it? Probably a celebration that you’ve not even thought about or considered for a long time (but maybe we should?) – Christmas. It’s the Spirit of Christmas fair, one of the biggest Christmas shopping events in London’s calendar, and the top choice of over 1.6 million people each year when looking for festive things to do in the capital, according to organisers. And we’ll be there at stand B1 (we hope).

The stand is already well on its way and we have to say we’re incredibly pleased and proud of how it’s looking (here’s a sneak peak of the design just so you can recognise us of course!). We’ll be stocked and prepped to wrap your gifts for friends and families in our signature luxury gift boxes and if you wanted to chat about our products or our processes, we’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions. It’ll be great to meet our customers old and new – and face-to-face too! We have to plan and hope that in this uncertain world, we have this little certainty to hold on to. Hope to see you there!

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