Matching mini-me fashion is here to stay

Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Beyoncé have all done it, fashion brands from Primark to Gucci are embracing it and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon… What is it? Mini-me fashion.

Whether it’s daughters in a dress like mum, or dads and sons sporting identical tees, this Instagram-fuelled clothing craze has really taken hold, with some Insta-families building their whole social media presence on the idea. Hashtags #twinning and a touch of cuteness to special occasions (such as Mother’s or Father’s Day) has become much, much more.

Move over sibling similarities from yesteryear (a trend that’s been going for decades), whole family matching is in vogue now too. We’ve all seen a Christmas ‘famjam’ post on social media!

But in an era when adults wear onesies, and toddlers have leather jackets, does it just seem another branch of fashion? And to be fair, if families weren’t buying into it, it wouldn’t be a trend at all.

Parent and Child matching Poppy £55

Here at Sheepers HQ, we think it’s here to stay. And that’s why we’ve launched our own mini-me range. Our popular Leopard Print Slippers, along with the colourful Poppy (pink), Cybil (turquoise) and Sherbert (lime/green) styles are all available in kids’ sizes too from toddler to junior (five to two). They can be bought on their own or in a set with a pair for mum (leopard, Poppy, Cybil and Sherbert) and at a very reasonable price of £55 for the two.

If you want a matching pair with dad, then look no further than the rainbow style (black with rainbow embroidery) for £50. And we’ve embraced the ‘famjam’ trend too in selling our rainbow style as a matching family set. We hope you love them and of course, if you post to social media, don’t forget to tag us. We love to see what you’re up to!

The Sheepers Team x

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