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If you have been following our socials over the past few years you will have seen how rapidly Sheepers has grown; we have gone from a couple of members of staff to having an entire flock of 15 team members! Whilst we have enjoyed the past few Christmases in our lovely studio packing your gift orders and listening to Christmas music, it was the 2021 Christmas Period, which made us realise it may be our last as a team in our very own studio. You see, we have always been used to the hectic Christmas period and in fact for certain team members (Ashleigh) it was a huge adrenaline rush! However, it seems that since the pandemic, there have been long lasting effects on the workplace and who knows how long they will last. More and more our lovely staff members were catching Covid, and due to the close proximity of the nature of our work, this would affect our entire team, as we needed to protect everyone.

Mid way through Christmas, we started to realise the rate at which orders were coming in was becoming harder and harder to keep up with. We had recently also launched two new collections, the Zodiac Collection and the Lola and Blake x Sheepers collaboration, which meant orders were coming in faster than ever. Our team were packing orders from 9 until 5 going home and coming back the next morning to same amount of orders, as they would double overnight. This is when we realised that this was becoming too much to manage; instead of focusing on growing Sheepers to be as big as it can be, we were focusing on having enough staff, order errors and staff absences. Nicola had always wanted to move into fulfilment but knew that our audience thrived off of seeing our daily tiktoks and behind the scenes videos with crazy polls for our customers to answer and we even allowed our Instagram following to vote on choose the colour for orders made from our Lucky Dip Range. Our engagement was better than ever, you all LOVED seeing how a small business really worked on a day to day basis.

However, it was in February of 2022 when Nicola decided to start thinking seriously about moving the company into fulfilment. You may be thinking to yourselves, well what is fulfilment? So to put it shortly, we have moved to a fulfilment warehouse where a set team will process our orders daily, process returns and store and keep our stock organised. The rent in London was becoming far too expensive, and we realised that there was ultimately no need to have this huge studio in central London, as we are after all an e-commerce business who are lucky enough to be able to ship orders from anywhere in the country. So in April, we headed down to various fulfilment centres all over England from Blackwell all the way to Gloucester, to see which one had the ultimate Sheepers feel, and decide if one of these places could be our new home. Eventually, we found the perfect place for us, and things started to look promising.

Alas, a deal was made! We had 30 days to empty our studio, barcode all of our stock and transport it halfway across the country. I do not think any one of us anticipated how hard of a challenge this actually would be. It was like Christmas all over again! The entire month of May was spent running around daily printing off barcodes, counting stock and quality checking every single box of stock in our studio. It proved difficult, but in the end it took 5 trips to take all (8 tonnes!) of our stock to the warehouse. However, whilst it was a relief for us, the warehouse team received 8 tonnes of stock which needed sorting through; the transition was not over yet.

At the end of May 2022, we handed over the keys to our building, and realised this was the start of a brand new chapter for us. It took the warehouse team 3 weeks to sort through our stock and ensure everything was organised, so that we could eventually go live with processing orders. Everything has gone ahead as planned and Sheepers is now fully operational in our warehouse woohoo! We cannot begin to imagine what Christmas this year will look like, but we are hoping the move and all of our hard work will pay off and allow us to grow the business without having to worry about the complexities of processing orders daily. We would like to thank you all for bearing with us during this transition, especially those who have been patient enough whilst we eagerly awaited to go live with processing orders from the warehouse itself. Our journey is by no means over, in fact it is only really the beginning of a big future for Sheepers. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Tiktok, to see us occasionally visit the warehouse, and see how Sheepers will be operating for the very foreseeable future! 

From left, Ashleigh and Jess, Nicola and Dylber, the last day in our North London Studio May 31st 2022.
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