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Our slippers – to develop or diversify?

Decisions, decisions, decisions… When your name and your brand scream one type of product for the large part (and we do of course – our slippers, did you know? 😉) and you focus on developing that product (with a few different offshoots along the way), then it’s difficult to know which way to jump next.

Do you take your product and do something different with it? Evolve it in some way? Or do you branch even further off your original path and introduce something new? Still related to the current product (in our case pyjamas for example) or something in response to the current environment we find ourselves in, such as face masks? These are the two basic questions anyone with a business needs to be asking themselves. And it’s one that we ask ourselves all the time here at Sheepers HQ. Where should we go next? What would you like to see us produce? If you have any burning ideas, then please do message us on any of our social media channels – FB, Instagram or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.

But in the interim, we’ll let you into a little secret… Right now, we’ve decided to take the first option and develop our main product. We want to give you the chance to add a special, individual touch to a pair of our slippers. You know the half starburst-effect which is hand-embroidered on the front of every pair? Well before we took that off and added either a mosaic effect or a paisley pattern… This time we’re going even further in two different directions – one continuing on the embroidery theme and the other looking at hand painting. It’s exciting times – we want to give you the chance to own a pair of custom-made slippers or gift a pair to friends and family. We can’t wait to reveal more, so watch this space! We’re working hard to finalise the details and the options so keep an eye out.

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