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Medical Grade Sheepskin | Baby Sheepskin | Hypoallergenic Relugan

Medical Grade Sheepskin | Baby Sheepskin | Hypoallergenic Relugan


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Product Description


Naturally organic and free range, this produces a luxuriant and incomparably sumptuous fur that cannot be equalled in quality.
made of 100% natural sheepskin
totally naturally tanned with vegetable tanning agents Relugan
therapeutic and hypoallergenic
sustainable and environmentally friendly
Relugan: a healing skin
Home decoration that has healing properties? Relugan sheep skin has been known for centuries for its wide medical use. Relugan healing skin is characterized by a fluffy, thick, and soft hair. Perfectly warms your body, making it a natural ally in the fight against rheumatological and blood circulation problems.
It guarantees pleasure while relieving pain and preventing bedsores for people that lie for a long time. What’s more, sheep fleece does not cause allergic reactions. It ensures free air circulation, constantly maintaining a dry and cool environment where bacteria, fungi, allergens, and viruses cannot grow. It heats up in winter and cools in summer.
Relugan healing leather is a practical and beautiful addition to any interior design. It will enhance any Scandinavian, boho, or folk interior.  It can be successfully used as a foot mat, seat cover or bed cover (e.g. for the elderly or sick), chair cover, wheelchair, and even the driver’s seat cover. Also, thanks to a special production processes, it is odorless, and it doesn’t have that characteristic leather smell.
Snuggle into this amazing fur and see how phenomenal it works!
● 100% natural leather with strong healing properties,
● the natural shade of warm creamy yellow and the shape of the skin may slightly differ as to its natural for this kind of product,
● safe for kids even from the 1st day of life
It is recommended to pull the rug up and shake it out outside, leave it in the sun, and comb the bristles to keep it soft.
Features and materials

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 28 × 23 × 9 cm


Size guide

We recommend ordering true to size.

When you try on the Sheepers slippers, your toes should be just touching the end of the slipper
Toes should not be curled under or feel uncomfortable in any way.

At first, the slippers (particularly the soles) will feel quite firm, however, within a few wears, the suede and sheepskin will soften and mould to your feet.

If you require any further advice regarding our sizing or the fit of our Mules, please refer to our Fit & Sizing page here:

Product care

Indoor wear only.

Gently spot clean using a mild detergent and water.

Not machine washable.

Comfort bands can also be ordered here:

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