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Sheepers Aftercare Page… another step taken to provide the ultimate customer service!

Hello all, it has been a very long time since we wrote a blog post. It has been a very busy year for Sheepers, but nonetheless, the focus remains the same; to provide the ultimate best care for our customers. We have been very busy working on a few things behind the scenes, one of which is our brand-new aftercare page. We realise how many of our loyal customers adore our products, and wish to get the longest lives out of them as possible. So we present to you a Sheepers care page, designed for the sole purpose of ensuring you get the most out of your purchase with us.

We have received hundreds and hundreds of emails with the whys, how’s and what’s asking a range of questions, all things caring for our Sheepskin Slippers. So we have finally brought a page together encompassing tips on how to clean your Sheepers to purchasing new thread to repair slippers that have lived a durable long life! So if you are currently sat wearing your brand new Sheepers wondering if they should be snug, or perhaps if you can use a protective sheepskin spray, then look no further your questions have been answered, and collated on one fabulous page!

It is a common question of ours to be asked “should my fluffy Sheepers slip off at the backs?” which is completely normal due to the nature of Sheepskin. However, as you may know this year we launched the comfort band; which can be placed under the cuff of any full sheepskin slipper, and provides the ultimate comfort and ankle support. Talk about nailing two birds with one stone, it does not stop there, this tip takes 20 seconds to complete, but genuinely will provide a lifetime of comfort, in fact you forget the bands are even there! Our fantastic videographer Alex, even managed to capture the process for you to help you gain ultimate comfort. We want you to wear our product and experience such comfort, that you forget there is even such a thing as outdoor shoes, and we know so many of you already think this.

So if you find yourself in need of comfort bands, or perhaps your slippers have finally broken after some good wear, we have the thread available to make it all better. We have even gone as far as stocking a small number of high-quality suede brushes, as we really have learnt over the years that our customers have truly fallen in love with the comfort our slippers provide, so we would like to help you maintain them for as long as possible.

It is of course worth noting, that despite our sheepskin slippers being durable, and made with the strongest threads on the market; I must remind you that they are handmade, with every pair taking two to three hours to make. This is why we have taken time to present to you a page entirely focused on the care of our slippers, as the fact that each pair is handmade is so important, and sometimes this can be easily forgotten and whilst we have full confidence that they will look after your feet for a long period of time, they do not last forever unfortunately. So, you do have the option to either try and repair them, which we know so many of you do as you love them so much, but it could just be time to replace your old favourites with a new pair (we know *cry*).

We hope the page answers all of your unanswered questions, and can make your Sheepers even more comfortable ( I know – how is that even possible?). If you feel you have any questions that have not been answered, then please do feel free to reach out to us on help@sheepers.co.uk and you can be certain that our team will try their very best to help you in the best way possible. We care about each and every one of you, and wearing the most comfortable slippers is just as important to us as it is to you.


You can find our after care page here!

The Sheepers Team


A short video if your Sheepers slip off at the back of your heel…

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