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Sheepskin Slippers Care Tips | Sheepers

We are proud of the fact that our slippers are made from natural sheepskin – comfy all year round, cosy in the winter and cool in the summer…what’s not to love! This amazing natural material is easy to care for, and it’s well worth putting a little bit of effort in, to get the most out of your Sheepers Slippers…

Achieving Maximum Comfort

First thing’s first, finding your perfect fit and ensuring your slippers are as comfy as possible is essential. Most of our slippers are true to size, but you will find individual sizing advice on each product page.

When you first put on your Sheepers, you might wonder if you’ve got the wrong size. This is because with just a little wear, they will stretch and soften, becoming perfectly shaped to your own unique feet to provide a super comfy fit and support too.

When you try on your Sheepers, you should find that your toes touch the ends, this is to be expected and is a good way of knowing that you’ve got the right size. Your toes shouldn’t curl. With just a few wears, your slippers will become more and more comfortable, as the sheepskin stretches to your ideal fit.

For some, your Sheepers may slip a little when you walk. The size and shape of our feet and ankles are all different, and the fact that our slippers mould to your feet is a fantastic bonus, but you might need a little extra helping hand with the fit around your ankle. For this reason, we have created the Sheepers Care Pack, providing two latex free bands, allowing you to adjust the fit for maximum comfort. The bands take seconds to fit, and will completely transform how your Sheepers feel.


Our Top Care Tips

When taken care of well, your Sheepers will serve your feet well, and your much-loved slippers won’t need to be replaced regularly. Here are our care tips to keep your Sheepers in tip-top condition…

1.Brush and air your Sheepers

To keep your sheepskin slippers looking super fluffy, give them a brush every now and then to fluff up the wool. You can also air your slippers outside (out of direct sunlight) as an easy way to give the sheepskin a new lease of life.


2.  Tackle spills quickly

Hey, things happen, and when you’re wearing your Sheepers everyday, it’s likely that you’ll spill something on them at some point. If this happens, tackle the stain ASAP with a damp cloth and air dry. Try to avoid washing your Sheepers too often – it’s far better to tackle spills individually.


3.Check your care label

Our slippers come in a variety of styles, and the care advice between each style may vary. When it comes to washing and drying your Sheepers, always check the care label on your individual design.


4.Consider a specialist wool shampoo

If you want to take things one step further, think about using a specialist wool shampoo that contains lanolin to help give your sheepskin slippers a boost and a real spruce up. You might also want to look into using a protective spray to help limit staining and keep the fleece of your slippers looking fresh – always check with the brand you’re using, to ensure it’s suitable.


The four ‘don’ts’

There are four things we advise you avoid. These aren’t necessarily rules, so to speak, but if you do any or all of these things, your slippers won’t thank you!


  1. Don’t tumble dry your slippers
  2. Don’t machine wash them
  3. Don’t put them on a spin cycle
  4. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight.

When you take just a little extra time to care for your Sheepers, they will continue to look and feel amazing.

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