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Cybil Sheepers Slipkit

After two years of living in a global pandemic which saw our orders sky rocket, we realised we were living in a time where people were re-discovering their passions for hobbies such as crafting and knitting and found, it kept most of us sane. This is where our Slipkit idea was born. You may think, how is it possible to combine slippers and crafting? Well, let us introduce to you our Slipkit.

Our first Slipkit launched in September of 2021, as a DIY slipper crafting kit, which allows customers to bring together their very own pair of Sheepers. Why you may ask, why not just buy your slippers? You would be surprised at the amount of people who look to activities such as crafting and sewing as being therapeutic and enjoyable, and we soon excitedly realised that a lot of this market were already customers of ours. We pitched the idea to our suppliers and thought seriously about how we would make this work. We went through various design stages, drafting the packaging, manuals, shooting a video guide on how to complete the Slipkit, but once it had come together we realised we had created something so magical. To celebrate, we launched a giveaway of 10 Slipkits, to spark our customers inner creativeness and also a discussion about this unique product  and how there is nothing else on the market like it.

We could not have anticipated the amount of people that would enter our giveaway. We had hundreds of entries, with people showing us their crafting creations and why crafting meant so much to them. It moved our entire team, reading through each individual entry and the process of narrowing down our winners was much harder than we thought it would be. We wanted everyone to experience our incredible slipkit. The range features four main colours, Poppy (pink), Cybil (Blue), Sherbert (Green) and Maddy (Dark Blue). Over Christmas, our Poppy Slipkit was featured in the Daily star, which saw a huge spike in our orders, we realised this was becoming a new bestseller for Christmas gifting. We received pictures daily of people completing their slipkits, and the word about our new innovative creation was spreading, fast. So, naturally we did not stop there. We thought how can we expand this? At Sheepers, we never do things by halves and when we receive hundreds of emails from our customers demanding more colours, we listen.

Our amazing giveaway winners entries

So we went one step further and thought, what if people could only make their own pair of slippers, but DESIGN them too! Suddenly our minds were filled with hundreds of ideas, colours and designs. Two months later our Slipkit Pick and Mix was born. Now our customers could design different features of their slippers, as well as make them. To celebrate, we launched a Slipkit LIVE workshop with @themakerykate which saw over 50 participants come together to make our slipkit together. It was incredibly seeing our customers come together, figuring out how to make their pair of Slippers, and the reward at the end once they had completed them.

We then realised, we desperately needed something of a similar crafting nature but for children! Alas, our Slipkit Kids product was born, solely focusing on childrens sheepers and designing them themselves. We partnered up with the team at Cricut, who sent us a brand new Maker 3 machine, which meant we were able to design and print our own sticker sheets for Children to colour in and design their own Sheepers. We are so proud of the small range we have managed to come up with and cannot wait to introduce many more amazing designs!

We have just finished shooting our content for our Slipkit Kids and cannot wait to see how everything turns out, we did not expect our models Ava and Brandon to love their Slipkit Sheepers as much as they did! Due to how successful the first workshop was, we have decided to run another workshop will be in August with Ashleigh via Instagram Live, where she will be showing you how to make your own pair of Sheepers Slippers! You can use the code INSTAGRAM until August 11th to get a whopping £10 off of our Slipkits! Do stay tuned on our socials to hear about exclusive discounts for our Slipkits and especially giveaways, as if there is one thing about us, we love giving back to our customers!

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