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Success and luck: do the two go hand in hand?

What does it take to be successful in life? We could list a plethora of personality traits of  someone we think has or is succeeding – talented, skilful, hard-working, tenacious, optimistic, emotionally intelligent, and so on – but how much is it down to luck or simply being in the right place at the right time?

There are so many scenarios where without some of those personality traits, you couldn’t make the most of an opportunity when it came along of course. But there are certain traits, according to one psychologist (who’s spent his entire career trying to establish the psychological characteristics that predict achievement) that do explain differences in success and these include passion and perseverance.

These are two characteristics that we have oodles of here at Sheepers HQ. We are passionate about what we’re doing, our products and our processes; and we are determined to stick at it and make the business work for ourselves and our families, the people and the companies we work with, and of course for you, our loyal customers. And we’re constantly thinking of new ways to succeed and get the Sheepers brand out there.

And sometimes we totally believe in being in the right place at the right time… Or should we say, having our slippers in the right hands at the right time… It might have been a fleeting shot but the lovely model, TV and radio presenter Lisa Snowden (@Lisa_Snowden) was on This Morning doing a slot on summer sandals. Did you see it? At the start of the VT, before donning a whole host of the latest warm-weather footwear, she was shown wearing a pair of slippers and a pair of Sheepers no less! You can imagine our delight! A quick message on Instagram to Lisa, a pair popped in the post, and of all the slippers on the market, between one and 1.5 million viewers caught a glimpse of our Sheepers. Our passion and perseverance are slowly paying off. We’re getting our name out there. Really hope you can help too and spread the word. If you love our slippers, then tell your family and friends all about us!

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