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Summer sun and Summer pyjamas to beat Covid-19 lockdown

Standing in the sunshine, queuing outside a supermarket, two metres apart from the next person, masked up and sweltering in a winter jacket, there was a certain irony. This is the new normal for about a third of the world’s population at the moment. Lockdown continues and yet for those in the UK at least, if reports are true, this has been the hottest April since records began 361 years ago! And yet travel, socialising and getting out there to really enjoy it has been largely forbidden. Those with gardens have really benefitted and many, it seems, have thrown on dusty trainers and jumped on bikes or taken to the streets or parks to get out there and try and enjoy a few rays.

So it seemed appropriate for us here at Sheepers to be beavering away in the background to source some more weather-appropriate attire and we’ve done just that. We might not be selling exercise gear (sales of which have superseded the peak buying times of Christmas and early January in recent weeks amazingly, but understandably), but we are offering warm-weather alternatives to some of our Winter favourites. Think of our turquoise, pink and rose gold favourites in ivory and black, short-sleeved and with shorts. So the same touch of luxury with the elegant piping and embroidery, but with Summer appeal. By next week, you could be the proud owner of a pair, but you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the matching mules. We’re test dyeing the slipper yarn at the end of May. If it’s a good match to the pyjamas, then the set should be available a few weeks after that and of course, as with all our sets, they will be beautifully presented in an ivory gift box with a special ‘With Love’ Sheepers card. We really hope you like these new additions.

And talking of additions… Here at Sheepers HQ, we’re always trying to develop our products and broaden our range. At the moment we’re considering all black and silver pyjamas – what do you think? Something you’d like to see available? And men’s pyjama sets? Should we be looking at these? We’d love to know your thoughts. Why don’t you message us via any of our social media channels – FB, Twitter or Instagram… And who knows, you could see your suggestion or idea become a reality!

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