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Self confidence

Hello, I’m Holly, a 18 year old published Curvy Model based in Cornwall, in the UK. Modelling for five years and growing up in my teenage years I have struggled with body confidence. As a younger girl I was the first girl in my school, to develop bigger hips, grow bigger boobs etc. I got negative comments all the time from people calling me fat just because I had developed early. As a curvy girl now, I have big boobs, wobbly bits and cellulite and I have really struggled with all of this. However, last year there was a huge up rising of curvy girls coming into the modelling industry and this made me feel so much better about myself and I started to love my body again.

In March 2017, I created a Instagram model account (@Curvyholly) to give confidence to teenagers that may going through what I had to deal with and I have had a really good response from it and have helped lots of teenage girls and even older women.

I recently created a blog for Curvy Holly (www.curvyholly.blogspot.co.uk) where I have been posting outfits that I wear and locations that I like to visit and some brands that I love. I am also going to this year start writing more blog posts about body confidence and giving out tips and advice and I will also be blogging fashion posts for curvier girls. I have decided to do this because I really do know the struggles of dressing a curvier figure because your less in proportioned and some clothing items just hang of you and look like your wearing a tent. I have had big boobs for a very long time now so I know what looks best on me and what just hangs of my boobs.

This year on my blog I will be posting about how to grow self confidence, lifestyle things within my life as a model, beauty and makeup looks that I love to do.

I really am excited for this year and I am ready to grow Curvy Holly and help many others.

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