Emma’s love of photography

I have been in love with photography as a medium for as long as I can remember, quite simply because it’s an incredible and accessible way of documenting moments in time. Originally a fashion designer, I used the camera to archive ideas, inspiration and my own work. As a mum of two I recorded daily memories. Now working full-time as a photographer and running my own business, I LOVE photography because it is my way of telling visual stories and is my one true passion.

Growing up my mum used to tell me elaborate made up stories which were based in fictional worlds with incredible characters. Being highly dyslexic I have an incredibly vivid imagination to compensate so would visualise everything in great detail casting and directing the narrative like a film. This is essentially how I work everyday. My mum is still a huge inspiration to both my personal work and fashion campaigns.

As an artist, photography offers me freedom be a storyteller and the ability to create stunning visuals faster than some of the slower practices. Editing for me is like painting with light and allows me to work at a quicker pace, make mistakes which are easily rectified and experiment with colour and light.

An image is very powerful, probably more so than a written word, you react to it emotionally and physically without even realising and all happens in less than a second, it transcends all written and verbal languages which is a massive appeal to me.

I am very lucky to be doing my dream job on a day-to-day basis, the people I have met and the locations I’ve had the pleasure to shoot in have been incredible. An unhappy day for me is when there is nothing to photograph or no files to edit!

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