The beauty of writing

Posted on January 9, 2018 by Hannah Hopkins

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the power of the written word and all the things it can do. As soon as I discovered creative writing, I immediately fell in love with the process, admiring the way that a few cleverly-put-together sentences could transport the reader into an entirely new world. I learnt quickly that a good story can have a magical effect, reawakening even the most cynical person’s belief in the imaginary land we spend so much time in as children. As a result, I spent most of my childhood in a perpetual daydream, hardly ever coming back to reality as I lost myself in fantasies of enchanted lands and thrilling mysteries, inventing characters and places that were so vivid I could almost see them.

As I grew up, I found that words could be used for much more than just facilitating the make-believe. I was once again left in awe at the realisation that the right words in the right order had the potential to influence somebody’s entire way of thinking. A well-written article could change the mind of the most stubborn individual. A heartfelt blog post could alter someone’s whole perspective on something they had previously misjudged. It occurred to me, then, that the ability to write went way beyond the confines of storytelling, and had the potential to make a heavy impact on real life – completely changing the outcome of a situation by allowing a brief glimpse into someone else’s mind.

I began using the written word to resolve conflict, writing letters or long messages to friends I’d fallen out with, feeling inexplicable exhilaration over being able to explain my point of view with the right words in order to settle the issue. I found that knowing how to write well could be useful in many other situations, and used it for functions such as writing my CV, a job application letter or even an essay for my University course. Slowly, I came to the realisation that writing underpinned the foundation of my entire life, and began to nurture the skill, using both study and practise to better myself in the area.

As an adult, I still feel the same burst of excitement fizzing inside me whenever I come up with a good idea for a story, and managed to channel my love of the written word into writing a novel, “The Split,” which allowed me to become lost in a futuristic fantasy world that the child version of me would have been proud to create. My passion for the pastime has only grown further since discovering self-publishing on Amazon meant I could share the Universe I had invented with readers almost as soon as I had finished the book.

Despite being the mother of a new born and a two-year-old, I find time to write every day, finding that the two aspects of my life fit hand in hand. My children provide me with the motivation to continue writing on the days when inspiration is difficult to find, whilst writing keeps me sane on the days when being a mother is challenging.  Whether it’s a post for my blog, an article for a website or working on my second book, I’m not fully satisfied unless I’ve written something. As it stands, I’m still just as captivated by the entire process as I was a child, and am certain that I will remain enamoured with the written word for the rest of my life, hopefully continuing to discover new and enticing ways in which it can be used to bring happiness, enjoyment and perspective to all of our lives.

Hannah Hopkins

Hannah Hopkins

I am a young mother of two based in the United Kingdom. A former teaching assistant, my current job is looking after my two sons, the ups and downs of which I like to document on my personal blog “The Mum Who Writes”. In my (very little) spare time, I enjoy writing fiction, and have recently published the first instalment of my new sci-fi/fantasy series onto Amazon. Outside of motherhood and writing, I also have a keen interest in Psychology, and hope to resume my training to become a counsellor later this year, specialising in working with children and young people.