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Hello, We’re Lauren and Victoria Charman, twin models from the UK, Cornwall. We’re 16 years old and have a joint Instagram account called @charmanmodels. Its been a privilege to model for Sheepers!

I’m Lauren, I’m 6’1, and modelling has helped me in countless ways that I’m so grateful for, which is why there’s nothing I feel more passionate about. If it wasn’t for modelling, I know I’d be a completely different person – my confidence, my self-esteem, my positive thinking. I’ve gained so much helping me flourish in confidence. Growing up in a generation so dependant on social media and constantly being exposed to flawless beauty gurus and the basic idea of perfect we each have engraved into our minds, It’s been difficult to learn to accept my condition. Since birth I have been dealing with a vascular malformation on my leg, and I don’t live a day where I don’t experience pain. However, since modelling I’ve learnt that I can’t be anything more than I already am, so I make it my aim to be strong and always be accepting of others, no matter their story, or where they’re from, or what battle they’re fighting. I aspire to encourage others that they shouldn’t let their insecurities prevent them from leading a life that they deserve, whether that’s modelling or whatever their passion may be. I long for the day the fashion industry learn to accept models who face medical conditions and designers begin sending them down the runway because they want society to come to the conclusion that these types of things aren’t hold backs. But the way in which we deal with them is what makes us beautiful.

I’m Victoria, I have been modelling with my sister since the age of 14 and have enjoyed every bit of it! Meeting so many lovely people and experiencing new locations with every shoot just gives me more reason to adore what I do. It has helped me so much with my confidence over the years, building it up and making me stronger as a person. It has brought me out of my comfort zone multiple times but to be completely honest, that’s just what I needed! Listening to the creative perspective of the photographers always amazes me and the fact that you have the responsibility of bringing it to life is such a thrilling thought. I have made so many new friends in this industry whether that’s with the photographers or models who I love having the pleasure of shooting with. So many people have taught me so many things and for that I’m so grateful! Learning how to get better and how to make the most of an outfit you’re styled in or the location you’re shooting in is another reason why I love to model. Soon enough a camera shot tells a story or portrays a mood that you just can’t with words. I’m not quite the shy girl I used to be and I’m proud to say I can thank modelling for that.

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