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The words ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ are widely used to describe so many things, from houses to cars, from furniture to clothing, even to the films and plays we watch and the food we eat. They are often used with the words ‘twist’, ‘take’ or ‘feel’. How many times have you read one of these words about a restaurant, for example, and its ‘contemporary Indian cuisine’ or a dish referred to as being a ‘modern take on an old favourite’? Anything that’s identified, perceived or used in one way can be updated, refreshed and revitalised to have or be a ‘contemporary twist’.

And this has never been more so than for us here at Sheepers. We have taken a traditional Polish slipper and tried to breathe new life into it. The design of a sheepskin slipper is instantly recognisable (how many of us were given a pair as a child?), it’s been around for years, and yet here we are in 2020 building our business on the back of them. Why? We love them. There’s a sentimental feeling to them. But… And this is where our use of ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’comes in… We’re modernised them; they’ve got a contemporary feel. Who knew an injection of bright colour with an even fluffier cuff (see our Cybil , Sherbert and Poppy ranges) would take the humble sheepskin slipper from ordinary to extraordinary, in our opinion of course?

Why have we done this? To grow the business, change perceptions, evolve and develop. We wanted to grow our appeal too. Without a modern twist on a traditional idea, the appeal and
reach of our product might be limited. Our dream is to have as many people wearing Sheepers and feeling the same about them as we do. But we can’t do that without broadening our appeal, thinking about our average customer and working out how to attract new ones. We’ve
always had an idea of where we hoped to be and how people would be able to buy their Sheepers, and it’s definitely growing. We’ve mentioned before about having a range in Anthropologie stores (and they’ve ordered more for the Autumn/Winter collection – woohoo!),
well we are really chuffed to say we’ve managed to get our beloved slippers into Urban Outfitters too! It’s edgy, it’s global and from October, it’ll be stocking Sheepers! We couldn’t be more excited.

Leopard Sheepers slippers

We’ll always be online, we’re already in quite a few independent stores and we’re slowly expanding into the bigger chains. So when you feel safe and confident to do so and with your masks to hand of course, why not head along to Urban Outfitters to check us out for yourselves?

The Sheepers Team x

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