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Why good customer service is important

It needs to be as responsive as possible, helpful, solution driven, and consistently good… What are we talking about? A business’s customer service. When an order is placed, a comment is posted, an enquiry sent or (dare we say it) a complaint is filed, the way a company responds, the speed at which they reply and the action they take is the backbone of a successful business. It could even be said to be part of the beating heart of success… And we at Sheepers HQ are always mindful of this. We are constantly striving to improve our speed and response rate to our exceptionally valued customers, as we know that no one wants to wait too long for their order or experience a delay to their query being answered. But to do that, and especially as a relatively new small business, you need to make the call and recruit another pair of hands. And we’ve done just that…

We’ve mentioned who’s who in the Sheepers team on a couple of occasions, but we wanted to introduce our latest colleague – the lovely Sylwia.

Sylwia will be working alongside Agnes in one of the Sheepers studios in London, checking orders, sending them and “making sure customers get the best quality and experience possible”, says Sylwia.

So the next time you send an email to Sheepers, it just may be Sylwia who responds.

Originating from a city quite close to Zakopane, where our Sheepers are made, and already being familiar with the slippers, Sylwia seemed a natural choice to join the team. And for Sylwia herself, in working with us, she still feels that connection to her home back in Poland and sees the role as an opportunity to grow and learn.

“For a long time I wanted a change in my life as well as in my career. Working at Sheepers helps me to learn new skills and of course working for a quickly expanding business gives me a lot of satisfaction,” she says.

We wanted to find out a little bit more about our newest team member so we asked her a couple of more light-hearted questions. It seems she’s a budding artist, spending a lot of her spare time painting in her small studio.

And when asked to give us three words that describe herself, she said: “Open, funny and hardworking.” All great attributes to bring to the team…

But it’s her answer to our final question that made us smile. What makes you happy? “I’m trying to find a little bit of happiness in everything I do,” she said. What a brilliant response. And exactly what we all should try to do a little bit more of if we can.

Welcome to the Sheepers team Sylwia!

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