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Why our Sheepskin hot water bottle covers have been a HUGE hit across the world

Want to know why our sheepskin hot water bottle covers have had raving success and continue to increase in popularity, particularly across countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and the US?

Grab your favourite drink, sit back, and enjoy the heart-warming read!

Sheepskin hot water bottle covers are not only for winters – Surprise!

Ordinarily, in the winters, one might think “what could possibly be more comforting than cuddling up against a beautiful and luxurious sheepskin hot bottle cover?”

But now that winters have passed, what could you possibly do with yours?

Sheepskin hot water bottle covers aren’t just used the world over during the cooler months but also during bouts of warm, tropical weather.

You can use our sheepskin cover, for example, at any time to warm and soothe aching joints, fatigued or stiff muscles, tired feet, or even an ailing lower back. There’s plenty of evidence available to show how warm therapy can relieve stiff and aching joints.

The sheepskin hot water bottle covers (bottle not included) that we design here at Sheepers are made from the softest Sheepskin imaginable, and aside from being a very popular choice for consumers in the winter season, it is now gaining popularity in the autumn and summer months as well.

You can even use your sheepskin cover as a beautiful wrap for luxurious gifting as it’s elegantly ribboned for easy gifting, in case you decide to part ways with it at some point.

Why have sheepskin hot water bottle covers become important today?

The sheepskin material used in our hot water bottle covers is a by-product of the meat industry. The offcuts used in making these covers is actually waste or ‘leftovers’ from the manufacturing processes of other products – sheepskin coats and slippers, for instance.

We gather the offcuts together and reuse them, so that means they never end up in a landfill. This sustainable or “wasteless” design is perfect for those who truly care for the environment. More and more consumer products are now being designed with sustainability in mind and Sheepers is right at the forefront when it comes to great-quality sheepskin covers for hot water bottle that don’t contribute to environmental pollution.

Another major benefit to consider is how you can save money on heating bills, which can often go through the roof, particularly during the winter months. So, for a relatively small investment up front, you can potentially save hundreds of pounds on your power bill each year.

Our beautifully chic sheepskin hot water bottle cover is made from 100% sheepskin and there’s a mighty fine reason why we love sheepskin so much: it’s an incredibly versatile and luxurious material which balances form with function, offering a stylish and chic look with lightweight insulation during the cold months and temperature regulation in the warmer or more tropical months.

For these reasons alone, and many other, we would not be surprised if you invest into this stylish item after time!

Benefits of sheepskin hot water bottle covers you just can’t ignore

You may love and cherish your sheepskin hot bottle cover for its relaxing, luxurious comfort and aesthetically pleasing look, but did you know that there are actually some serious health benefits to owning anything made of sheepskin, including hot water bottle covers?

Moisture wicking properties for skin protection

Sheepskin has an incredible ability to absorb moisture quickly without actually feeling damp or wet. The wool in sheepskin can carry nearly a third of its own water weight before feeling damp or wet to the touch.

Damp or wet skin while sleeping can eventually lead to maceration and weakening of the skin. Sleeping or napping with a sheepskin hot water bottle can wick moisture quickly, offering excellent comfort and skin protection throughput.

Unmatched durability

Anything made from pure sheepskin can be very, very durable. The sheepskin hot water bottles at Sheepers are not only made in a sustainable way but also lined with a 3cm shorn finish, boasting excellent durability. It will never shed and can be cleaned very easily to maintain its original shape and voluminous feel.

Hypo-allergic and skin soothing

Sheepskin contains something called lanolin which is very similar in makeup to what’s found within human skin. It’s great for sensitive or inflamed skin and that’s why many experts believe it can sooth skin rashes or ‘calm down’ skin conditions like eczema.

Unlike faux sheep-hides, our hot water bottles are made from pure sheepskin, so they contain practically no chemicals and are great for soothing skin, whether you use them in winter or in autumn and summer.

Easily repel dirt and bacteria

Sheepskin fleece can naturally resist mould growth, bed bugs, and dust mites. Since it has natural wicking properties and draws moisture quickly away from the skin, it can minimise conditions which draw bacteria and allow them to thrive.

Not only that, but sheepskin is very breathable, so there’s plenty of air circulating around your body while you’re resting, sitting, lying down, or sleeping. This, again, reduces the hot and clammy environment which is optimal for bacteria to grow.

Increased comfort while napping or sleeping

The outer layers of the fibers in sheepskin are very smooth, allowing them to effortlessly move against each other and minimise friction during movement.

So, as you sit, lie down on sheepskin, or clutch it while sleeping, your skin moves or, shall we say, glides across the surface with minimal resistance, thus, reducing discomfort.

This is particularly beneficial to people who have limited mobility – the elderly, for example, or those recovering from surgery, where they must sit or lie down in the same position for extended durations. Sheepskin, therefore, can add to the overall comfort and protect against bedsores.

Improved blood circulation

Sheepskin not only helps to regulate body temperature but also improve overall blood circulation. No wonder you’ll see different items, including hot water bottles, in a nursing home made from sheepskin.

By minimising the creation of pressure points and allowing better weight distribution, sheepskin helps to improve blood circulation.



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